Why career as LIC agent

Do you wish to work for others or become independent?

Most of us have worked or are working for a company/organization and for years.

Even after sacrificing our health, sleep, family time and best years of our life for a company most of us don’t even get appreciated by the company management or owners. In fact, it has only stagnated us.

Many companies don’t even provide basic facilities such as transportation or food to its employee.

We lost out not just years but loose our ability to learn new things. Here, we need to thing about to take a bigger step i.e Entrepreneurship.

Our country and we as its citizen need to take initiative to become an entrepreneur and become independent and even a job provider to others.

We not only become independent but improve our lives with organizing both our work and family evenly.

Don’t know how to get started your own LIC Agent business?

We help you to prepare your own business idea that comes with guarantee for success from the very start.

  • A LIC agent is the person who advice his/her clients on their Life Insurance Planning to cover their family from unexpected events of death, disability and retirement of the bread winner.
  • A LIC agent also indirectly contributes to economic growth of the nation. The money collected via life insurance premium goes towards National Development Activities e.g: Roads, Railways, Ports, Bridges, Water supply, Electricity, Housing etc.
  • Some of the top LIC Agents of the company earn upto INR 3 Crore to INR 4 Crore.
  • The average gross income of more than 20% of LIC agents is over INR 12 lakhs annually.

It is not just any offer but a life changing opportunity. With our meticulous training and guidance, we will ensure that you can achieve to part of those 20% of top earning LIC agents.

So are you determined towards achieving this goal for you and become an independent person, if yes, then please fill in the query form or call now 9716146070 for appointment.

Hurry up as we just have openings for 30 people only.

With regards,
Dr. Vinay Deep,
Development Officer
LIC of India.